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My New Espresso Machine

Recently my mother underwent a knee replacement surgery and had to stay at my apartment for a few weeks. Those weeks were great and we enjoyed a lot. I would come early from office and chat with her over a cup of coffee. Sometimes, we ordered Chinese and ate our food while watching some of the classic movies. One day, there was a power failure out of blue and my coffee maker snapped. I didn’t know what happened, but the machine never started up again. So, both of us set out to buy a new coffee maker which was decent and in my budget. After a lot of speculation and discussion, I finalized the Jura Impressa F7 Espresso Maker. It is one of the best espresso maker on the market.

The coffee maker is complete in every respect and makes the best possible coffee in a jiffy. The machine has a compact and ergonomic design which speaks of the amazing craftsmanship of Jura Brand. The price is reasonable, the quality is unbeatable and the coffee is simply YUMM..!!

Jura Impressa F7The Jura F7 Espresso Maker comes with an in-built grinder which reduces the effort of grinding the coffee beans. The new Aroma functionality of the espresso maker keeps the rich aroma of the coffee beans intact and contributes to the richness of the coffee. Along with the storage compartment, changeable frothing spout, measuring scoop and adjustment controls for grinding. The milk spout has been placed right next to the coffee spout so as to increase the ease of coffee cup transition.

The machine remembers the previous cups made, the previous instructions, the maintenance programs that have been run in the machine and a lot more. You can program the machine on a per drink basis but there is no functionality for programming multiple drinks in one go. There is an easy to use LED display which shows all the controls and functions such as cleansing and rinsing. The machine has programmable water hardness (on/off), four coffee strengths and brewing temperature. The steel burr grinder comes with 6 fineness settings and the pre-ground roasting is feasible with the bypass doser.

The Jura Impressa F7 Espresso makes the finest espresso shots and has reduced my visits to the coffee shops next to nil.

I feel that my new coffee maker is a boon for a coffee lover like me. What are you waiting for? Buy one and enjoy an altogether different coffee.

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